The House System


The House system forms the solid foundation on which our successful Pastoral Care is based. Every student at Ƶ Grammar School, both Junior and Senior, is allocated to one of the six houses: Aherne, Frew, Jenkin, Jones, Millward and Riley. The House system fosters a sense of connectedness to the wider School Community. The traditions of loyalty, pride and involvement through participation are fostered.

Each Head of House, supported by an Assistant Head of House, develops the philosophy or “flavour” of their cohort and co-ordinates the House Tutors and their students. The student will become well known by the House Tutor in all aspects of daily life: academic performance; co-curricular involvement; social cohesiveness; behavior and the student’s interests outside school.

Each year two Captains and two Vice-Captains are elected by the House members. These student leaders plan the weekly House Assemblies, select teams for the sporting carnivals (Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country), develop performances for the Spirit Cups, House Singing, Art, Science and LOTE competitions. Positions such as Camp Leaders, Student Representative Council and House Dinner Committee Members also emanate from within each House.

Students who are fully involved in the life of the House through Sport, Music and Performance, Community Service, Public Speaking and Leadership are eligible for the award of House Full Colours (Years 10 to 12) or House Half Colours (Years 7 to 9).

The culmination of the House Year is the House Dinner, organised and run by the students. It is a celebration of achievements, a stage for members to perform and the farewell to the departing Year Twelve members.