Year 9 Programme


Year 9 is a period of significant personal and cognitive change for young people. Students are transitioning from adolescence to emerging adulthood and seeking opportunities to make decisions about what and how they learn. Academic and scientific research confirms that students in Year 9 are more likely to be motivated by curriculum that relates to meaningful life events and experiences.

What is the Year 9 Programme?

Ignite-9 is a specially designed Year 9 programme at Ƶ Grammar School based on experiential learning which introduces a shift of emphasis in the delivery of curriculum, designed to make Year 9 distinguishable for our students, from previous years of schooling. Ignite-9 consists of practical lessons that explicitly teach students about life beyond school, and opens up student minds to different perspectives on a range of contemporary and enduring issues.

The programme aims at strengthening students’ self-awareness and individual accountability for their thoughts and actions as they become young adults.

The Year 9 programme takes place during timetabled Personal Development lessons for the duration of Year 9, four Periods per cycle.

Why Year 9?

Year 9 is a time when aspirations and social responsibility start to become well formed. Nurturing this newfound independent thinking helps students thrive at school and in life. As teenagers begin to understand their place in a wider world, the Year 9 programme sparks aspirations and curiosity so that students begin to frame their future.

The Year 9 Programmne encourage greater responsibility for learning and reflection, development of teamwork strategies, resilience, a sense of belonging and an increased awareness of diversity within our community. It also provides opportunities for the whole Year 9 cohort to come together regularly, helping to strengthen relationships in a broader context in preparation for Year 10.

What are the elements of the Year 9 programme?

The Year 9 programme provides a range of experiences that our Year 9 students will be able to look back on with a sense of pride and achievement.

Semester 1:

One World: In this unit of study, students undertake Intercultural Studies which involves the critical analysis of the complex and dynamic inter-relationship within our culturally diverse world. Students investigate a number of different religions and explore the concept of “the common good”. Using examples of how religious groups in our society foster interfaith relationships and support social justice, students will develop an understanding of the wider implications of religion in the global environment.

Specific activities include a visit to Bendigo’s Great Stupa and a visit from the Courage to Care organisation, featuring a study of the holocaust.

Year 9 Urban Camp

The Year 9 Camp is an integral part of the Year 9 programme, fostering independence and group-work during an action-packed week in Melbourne.

During this four-day snapshot of city life, students are involved in a variety of activities that support and enrich the curriculum, add to their life skills and familiarise them with Melbourne’s CBD and public transport.

During the Camp students have choices to allow them to tailor the Camp to suit their individual interests. Students are responsible for daily budgeting and selecting where to eat.

The camp takes place during Camps Week at the end of Term 1.

Semester Two:

The World of Work: This unit consists of a mini–Careers Expo, personality testing, investigation of types of work, resume writing, and interview skills.

Looking After Ourselves: This unit aims to build students’ self-esteem and continue to develop the emerging sense of their own identity as a young adult. Students participate in activities that encourage self-reflection, mindfulness, teamwork and self-respect. The course covers the meaning of health, relationships, managing risk, healthy lifestyles, self-defence, stress management, first aid.

Specific activities include self-defence (Taekwondo), yoga, first aid and CPR, sex education/healthy relationships, a visit from Victoria Police, drug and alcohol awareness with the School Psychologist, examination of homelessness, mental health with Headspace, identify and purpose workshop with “High Resolves”.