Ƶ Grammar School teacher Kimberley Clayton accepted into prestigious Teaching Excellence Program

Tuesday 21st March 2023


We are pleased to share the exciting news that Ƶ’s Assistant Head of Science, Kimberley Clayton, has been accepted into the Teaching Excellence Program 2023, offered by the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership.

Launched in 2021 by the Victorian Government, the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership’s mission is to set a national benchmark for professional learning and establish an internationally recognised model for teaching and leadership practice. The 12-month Teaching Excellence Program (TEP) provides a series of onsite and online learning activities, with opportunities for networking and engagement with other TEP teachers throughout the year.

“We are thrilled that Kimberley has been accepted into the TEP,” said Dr Emma O’Rielly, Principal of Ƶ Grammar School.

“The TEP is a highly competitive program that only accepts 500 highly skilled educators each year via a rigorous selection process. This is a remarkable achievement that reflects Kimberley’s dedication to the teaching profession and commitment to enhancing the quality of education in Victoria.”

“Being part of a learning community is essential for the professional growth of our teachers and the continuous enhancement of our teaching practices. Kimberley’s participation in the TEP will bring back valuable insights and strategies that can be implemented in our school’s curriculum and teaching practices for the benefit of our teachers, and most importantly, our students,” said Dr O’Rielly.

With a Master of Teaching and a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching from The University of Melbourne, Kimberley has honed her skills in science education and educational leadership. In addition to her teaching qualifications, Kimberley holds a Master of Science by Research from The University of Melbourne, where she was the Dux with First Class Honours for her thesis on the energetics and metabolism of tail autotomy in the Bynoe’s gecko. She is also a published author in the field of Behavioural Ecology.

Ƶ’s Head of Science, Prue Beckwith, said Kimberley has made a strong impression on the Ƶ community since joining the school in 2021.

“During a relatively short period of time, Kimberley has demonstrated exemplary teaching practices, developed warm and respectful relationships with the students, and has shone as an emerging leader,” said Prue.

“Her innovative methodologies enable fantastic engagement with her students, and she is highly regarded among her peers in the Science Department and the school.”

“I am very excited to have been accepted into the Teaching Excellence Program,” said Kimberley.

“As Assistant Head of Science at Ƶ, I am passionate about providing exceptional learning experiences for my students and supporting my colleagues to do the same. The TEP presents an incredible opportunity for me to learn from expert teachers, improve my teaching practices, and experience cutting-edge pedagogies that will enable me to further educate and support my colleagues by sharing what I learn myself.”

“I look forward to learning from the best in the field, to continue to develop my skills and training and share my knowledge and experiences with my colleagues, and apply these new teaching methods in the classroom,” said Kimberley.