She was the Most Beautiful Thing I’d Ever Seen seeks to explore my connection with my present situation, home life, and the related feelings tied to feeling the need to constantly need to sacrifice my own happiness for others joy. Tackling themes of fear, homophobia, isolation but also hope, through a mix of collage and photography; this series sets to visualize and communicate what I cannot express in my own life. Inspired by 20th century dadaism, the conflict of mediums symbolizes the inner conflict in myself and the desire for honesty battling with the need for safety.

Using a variety of symbolism, each image tells its own story and has its own set of iconography to decode. Utilizing animals, text, flowers, and other imagery to further communicate the feelings of oddity, confusion, and panic. While holding the weight of communicating dark themes, the overall color space of the series in light, and in its own way, even beautiful; creating images that are somber but alluring. Showcasing a visual conversation about beauty through the face of adversity.