Hannah Pasedag is an analog and mixed media photographer currently based in Atlanta- although she doesn’t consider herself from anywhere. She is interested in exploring identity, especially her own as a mentally ill lesbian, which is the focus of her current work. Other themes of her work include: womanhood, abstraction of the human form, and a rejection of “perfect” beauty. Hannah views art as not only visual catharsis, but a way to place herself in the world. Because of this, the process of creation is equally as important as the concepts behind them.

Hannah’s work has been exhibited in Atlanta, Savannah, and Brooklyn. She is currently earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia. Passionate about education, she has taught at the Friends School of Atlanta, along with tutoring college students at SCAD.

You can contact her at hgpasedag@gmail dot com or fill out the form bellow.

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