Lilly is an average girl with a big day planned ahead of her. She’s invited over the most popular girl in school, who she likes very much and wants to impress. But before the pair can do anything fun outside, the plans get ruined by rain. Follow Lilly’s adventures as she tries to come up with entertaining stories, spanning three genres and a lot of fun.


A Story About Stories as an exploration of photography’s role as an illustrative medium, and using artwork as a tool to impact children that rarely see themselves in the media they enjoy.

Following the purpose of also being a story I wish I had for a younger version of myself, the book desexualizes the identities of lesbian and bisexual girls. Using fantastical imagery and situations children can relate to, the project creates a natural atmosphere to allow girls to know they can like other girls, without becoming an object lesson or political statement.

(Full picture book available upon request.)